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My Analytics Journey (Guest Blog)

Hello fellow data nerds!  My name is Andrew Poole and I am relatively new to the digital analytics world. About a year ago I started to focus my efforts on moving my career into the digital analytics world with the help of some great friends and mentors.  This included non-profit support, shadowing experts, learning the … Continue reading My Analytics Journey (Guest Blog)

Reflections on 2014

2014 was an interesting year for both myself personally, and for Endress|Analytics as a whole. On the personal side, my husband quit his job as an electrical engineer, started his own company ( and went back to school for an MSBA in Financial Risk Management. He also passed the Series 65 certification exam in 2014, … Continue reading Reflections on 2014

Comparing Adobe Analytics to Google Analytics

I've now been a web analytics consultant for nearly 6 years. I've primarily focused on Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture SiteCatalyst/Discover/Insight) and Google Analytics. Many of my clients that implement Adobe Analytics opt to also implement Google Analytics as well. Partially because it's free, partially because they think comparing the data sets from two different tools … Continue reading Comparing Adobe Analytics to Google Analytics

The Surprising Similarities Between Finance and Analytics Consulting

My husband recently took the leap into entrepreneurship, after spending over a decade as an electrical engineer. He has developed software to optimize investment portfolios, which is a very different industry than web analytics. Yet every day when we share stories with each other regarding our businesses, we are finding some striking similarities between our … Continue reading The Surprising Similarities Between Finance and Analytics Consulting