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Financial Analytics (Guest Blog)

Analytics Similarities Having a spouse in Web Analytics while I work in the Financial Software field has shown me several similarities between our two areas of work. ¬†In a nutshell we each: Work with time-series data Use statistics to find and explain patterns Work hard to turn complex data into useful, understandable, and actionable¬†information Time-Series … Continue reading Financial Analytics (Guest Blog)

I’d Like a Bigger Boat

I've recently been striving to push Endress|Analytics to the "next level." To really expand the business into a full-fledged consulting agency. I already have several other consultants under contract and I have been able to submit work to some of them on a fairly regular basis. However, Endress|Analytics still suffers from the effects of the … Continue reading I’d Like a Bigger Boat

The Surprising Similarities Between Finance and Analytics Consulting

My husband recently took the leap into entrepreneurship, after spending over a decade as an electrical engineer. He has developed software to optimize investment portfolios, which is a very different industry than web analytics. Yet every day when we share stories with each other regarding our businesses, we are finding some striking similarities between our … Continue reading The Surprising Similarities Between Finance and Analytics Consulting