Author: endressanalytics

Jumping on the Tag Mangement Wagon

I may be a bit behind the ball on this one, but it seems interest in the use of Tag Management Systems (TMS) is heating up. I'm finding more clients who are in need of such expertise and my team and I are getting on the bandwagon. We are even recommending the use of a … Continue reading Jumping on the Tag Mangement Wagon

My Analytics Journey (Guest Blog)

Hello fellow data nerds!  My name is Andrew Poole and I am relatively new to the digital analytics world. About a year ago I started to focus my efforts on moving my career into the digital analytics world with the help of some great friends and mentors.  This included non-profit support, shadowing experts, learning the … Continue reading My Analytics Journey (Guest Blog)

Comparing Adobe Analytics to Google Analytics

I've now been a web analytics consultant for nearly 6 years. I've primarily focused on Adobe Analytics (formerly Omniture SiteCatalyst/Discover/Insight) and Google Analytics. Many of my clients that implement Adobe Analytics opt to also implement Google Analytics as well. Partially because it's free, partially because they think comparing the data sets from two different tools … Continue reading Comparing Adobe Analytics to Google Analytics