A Solid Background in Web Analytics

Endress|Analytics, LLC was founded in November 2008 and remained in operation until the summer of 2018. While in operation, this agency provided digital analytics consulting to over a dozen Fortune 500 companies in the tech, financial services, and health care sectors. Those consulting engagements ranged from new implementations and fixing existing implementations, to providing in-depth reporting and analysis.

About our President and Founder

daa_memberlogoEndress|Analytics, LLC was a sole proprietorship owned and operated by Gabriele Endress-Balhiser, and was based in Northern Colorado. Gabriele was a member of the Digital Analytics Association. Her journey into digital analytics began with her first web page that she launched in 1996. At the time she was still learning HTML, CSS did not yet exist, and the norm for web metrics was a “hit counter.” she immediately fell in love with that little hit counter – she loved knowing how many “hits” her silly web page was getting. For a long time that was the only metric she was able to track. In late 1997 she was hired as a webmaster at a high-tech company and was introduced to WebTrends, and a true flirtation with web analytics began. In 2004 she was introduced to Omniture SiteCatalyst and never looked back, having completely fallen in love with the ability to gain insight into user behavior and traffic trends like she had never been able to before.


On November 11, 2008, she officially formed Endress|Analytics, LLC and became an independent web analytics consultant. It has been a thrilling journey so far, and always a new adventure around the corner.


In 2013 Endress|Analytics expanded it’s operations, using the services of various subcontractors to add additional bandwidth and capabilities.

In 2018 Endress|Analytics closed operations, so that Gabriele could focus on other pursuits, including becoming a published novelist.