The End of the Road

The End of the Road

When I launched my consulting business in November of 2008, I had no idea how far it would take me. Now nearly a decade later and I can look back and be proud of what I accomplished with my little consulting business. I managed to complete projects for over a dozen Fortune 500 corporations and I got to know some of the top names in the web analytics industry. It’s been a hell of a ride.

However, all things must end. The industry is shifting. While I still have a passion for data and analysis, I have become burnt out over constantly chasing that next new client. My life has had a lot of upheaval and change in the past 2.5 years. Losing my husband to suicide knocked me my ass, hard. I’m slowing coming back to myself after spending quite a long time grieving. I’ve also finally come to grips with my gender identity and a year ago I came out as genderqueer and I’m currently transitioning (FtM).

In 2015, I began to develop a passion for writing and am currently completing two novels. So, I’ve decided to focus 100% of my attention toward my writing and becoming a published author and am shutting my consulting business down. The blog will remain up indefinitely, as I hope some kernals of wisdom can still be found here.

Thanks to everyone who supported and befriended me over the past decade. I will always have fond memories and if I ever find myself in Salt Lake City again, I’ll raise a glass at the Gibson Girl Lounge.

My Novels

The first novel I’ve been working on is science fiction, which has long been my favorite genre. It’s titled The Artifacts of Truth, and began life with the speculation of “what if elves were actually aliens from another planet?” Since then I have written approximately 130,000 words and am currently editing and polishing the manuscript in the hopes to have it traditionally published.

What if elves and humans were both really aliens from other planets that somehow forgot their origins over the centuries, while the truth is kept hidden from them? An elven ranger and a human trader stumble upon clues that lead them to the truth, while their Elders try to stop them.

My second novel is a queer romance titled Coffee-to-Go, that turned out more political than I had intended. This novel is nearly 51,000 words in length and a meetcute between a barista and a nurse, who grow close after both of their lives are upturned by a racist faction determined to have the barista illegally deported.

Leo was the barista in his own small coffee shop. He preferred to be independent and didn’t rely on anyone. One day that all changed when he rushed after one of his regulars, a man he only knew by the order he made every day–one large coffee-to-go.

He should have looked where he was going. He shouldn’t have run after his customer who left behind his coffee in a rush. He should have seen that car coming…

Follow Me on Social Media

If either of those sound at all interesting, please follow me on twitter. My science fiction will be published under the name G. Balend, and my romance will be published under the name Grayson Bell.

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