Vegas, Baby!

After having outgrown its roots in Utah, Adobe Summit was held for the first time in Las Vegas, Nevada, with 10,000 attendees this year.

From my perspective, it was a mix of old and new. The Sands Expo Center which hosted Adobe Summit, felt both similar and different, from the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City. I’m guessing I can attribute that to the fact that most conference centers probably have some general similarities.

The Community Pavilion and the audio-visual spectacle of the General Sessions were there, although definitely bigger. The Summit Bash was spectacular as ever, and all the sessions I attended were filled with very helpful information.

I primarily attend to network with other industry professionals, naturally in the hopes of finding new clients. I also attend as it’s a way for me to spend time with existing clients as well, having some valuable face-time that I generally don’t get the rest of the year.

I think the one thing I missed the most from having the conference in Salt Lake was the traditional Karaoke night. I’m hoping enough other people missed that as well and Adobe might consider flying out “This is Your Band” to Las Vegas next year and re-instating the old Karaoke tradition.

As a venue, Las Vegas is bigger, louder, and a lot more in-your-face that Salt Lake will ever be. I didn’t appreciate having to walk through the smoke-filled casino floor of the Venetian to get to the conference. I was also disappointed in the quality of the internet connection in my room (which has been sporadic at best). However, I was pleasantly surprised by the internet connection at Summit. After initially having an issue connecting, it ran smoothly and quickly the entire rest of the conference for me.

Overall, Adobe Summit 2016 was once again an amazing experience and I hope to keep attending for years to come.

Were you at Adobe Summit this year? What did you think?

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