Dealing with Life Changes

I don’t plan to write a lot of personal blog posts here, but I think in this case the situation warrants that I share with everyone some of the changes that have been happening in my life and why I retreated from social media for the past few years.

Some of you may already be aware of this, but about six weeks ago, I lost my husband. Suffice it to say he lost his long battle with depression. It was that battle with depression that led me to focus more of my time on him, and less on my business and social media efforts. Unfortunately, in the end, it wasn’t enough, but now he is no longer suffering. I take solace in that.

I am re-evaluating my own life, now that I find myself along again. I now have the time to focus on expanding my business in the way I had always wanted to, and I’m already putting in the efforts to do so. To be honest, I don’t want Endress|Analytics to become some large agency that becomes unwieldy to manage. I just want it to get to a point where it’s more self-sustaining and the rough edges of the standard feast-or-famine cycles are worn down. As I continue to win more business, I will add additional subcontractors to my team. I still really like the model of working with subcontractors on a revenue-share basis, instead of hiring salaried employees. This model has really worked well for me over the past few years.

To that end I also plan to slowly start blogging again, and tweeting more as well. I’m rusty and out-of-practice so bear with me as I slowly shift my personal priorities around. I will also be filming more Adobe Analytics tutorials, hopefully starting in April. I hope to post about one per week until I run out of things to post, and by then the interface will most likely have changed and I’ll have new things to film!

Besides my efforts with my business, my other goal this year is to become a published author. For years, I had thought of writing an analytics book, but I’ve put that aside for now and am working on a work of fiction. The novel itself is largely already written (I participated in what’s known as NaNoWriMo last year), but it still requires a few rounds of edits before I begin shopping it around to potential literary agents. If I can’t get it published traditionally I will, most likely, just self-publish as well. I’ve already self-published a children’s book last year, which was a fun project to work on.

I am attending Adobe Summit 2016, as I do every year. I learn a lot every year and the networking opportunities are definitely worth it. I am also attending eMetrics Summit in Chicago as well. I really enjoyed that conference when I attended a few years ago, and it’s a great excuse for me to visit my hometown and spend time with friends and family while I’m there.

That’s everything that’s been going on with me lately, stay tuned as I get this blog back up and running again!


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