To Blog or not to Blog

I used to be a relatively prolific blogger and I was also quite active with my business social media accounts. Over the past couple of years I’ve really slacked off in that regard, for a variety of reasons, the main one being that I just got burnt out and I stopped getting ideas for my blogs. There are only so many ways I can approach writing about analytics and I felt in many ways I covered all the ones I was proficient in.

Now there are some newer technologies and methodologies, such as tag management, that I could delve into more, but for me the blogging bug has sort of died. I think another big reason I’ve lost interest is the lack of interactivity. That’s the one trick I’ve never learned with blogging, was how to get people to leave comments and interact with my blog posts. I read all the various tips and tricks on how to increase interactivity and I guess that’s one of my failures when it comes to  social media and business.

When it comes to personal social media interactivity, my blogs there don’t do much better, but my social media does fine, especially my efforts on Tumblr and YouTube.

I have also found a lot more success in writing fiction over the past year and have delved heavily into the world of fan fiction writing (primarily focused on the Dragon Age fandom…have I mentioned I’m a gamer?). Anyway, I seem to have no problem getting comments and interactivity for my fiction postings I put up. Perhaps my blogs have just been too dry and informative.

Regardless, my ventures into fan fiction have led me to actually penning my own novel, which I’m currently working through edits and rewrites on. I’m hoping to be able to get it published sometime in the future, and I’m rather excited about that.

In the mean time, here sits my lonely little blog looking quite neglected. If you are someone who has enjoyed my blogs before, what are some things in the Analytics or Consulting world you might like for me to write about?

Also if you’re curious about my foray into fiction I have set up a web site for my novel that I’m working on, called Balhiser Books. If you would also like to take a peek at my fan fiction works, please contact me privately (note the email link up in the header), and I will send you a link to my works.

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