Jumping on the Tag Mangement Wagon

I may be a bit behind the ball on this one, but it seems interest in the use of Tag Management Systems (TMS) is heating up. I’m finding more clients who are in need of such expertise and my team and I are getting on the bandwagon. We are even recommending the use of a TMS to clients whenever we get the opportunity to work on a new or revamped implementation. Collectively, we’ve had experience with Ensighten, Adobe DTM and Google Tag Manager (GTM) so far, and in our limited experience I think GTM is probably the easiest to implement, while Adobe DTM is the most versatile, especially for Adobe Analytics implementations. Personally I’ve completed three projects with Ensighten, but at the time it was still really buggy with their Adobe integration and so it’s been my least favorite to work with so far. I will admit that since I specialize in Adobe Analytics, I may be a bit biased on that front.

For me, using tag management systems has been a paradigm shift in terms of how I have approached analytics implementations in the past. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, it just requires a period of adjustment on my part in order to change my thinking when approaching implementations now. I definitely see how superior using a TMS is, and while it’s not the “miracle” that I saw being pitched a few years ago, that would allow marketers to implement something without the need of a developer (that was a pipe dream), they improve the implementation process in many ways.

I think the biggest benefit is to be able to go in and adjust tracking parameters without having to touch code every time, despite the fact it still requires a fairly technical understanding in order to make those adjustments. For large corporations with development life cycles and code freeze dates, a TMS can get around those limitations since no code needs to be touched. The added benefit of being to manage a variety of different marketing tags, not just analytics tags, is the icing on the cake.

Have you hopped onto the Tag Management System bandwagon yet?


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