Giving My Brand Some Pizzazz

LogoSignatureOver the past few months I’ve been slowly changing all my branding across various media, including my web site, social media presence, business cards, contracts and invoices. I’ve opted to go for a more fresh, vibrant color scheme and it all centers around this logo, which I think perfectly exemplifies my business tagline … “Turning Your Data into Action.”

After 5 years in business, and the fact that I’ve been working on expanding my agency over the past year, I really wanted to showcase my agency’s services and have moved the blog to a secondary position within the site, rather than being the primary focus. My voice will not be the only one featured in this blog either – I am inviting other analytics bloggers to guest post here (interested? Contact me!) and over time hope to build out the blog section as a place to come for rich, informational content on the web analytics and consulting communities.

I’m hoping my fresh, colorful rebranding brings additional life to my overall brand and increases my brand awareness. So far I think that’s been working as I’ve seen a measurable increase in traffic to my site since making the change, along with an increase in potential clients contacting me for work. I think overall this will be a positive change and help me to continue to grow and expand my business.

Are you a small business or consultant? Have you changed or evolved your brand over time? What effects have you seen from those efforts?

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