Adobe Summit 2014 Review

2014-03-24 12.25.06So this year I attended my 10th Adobe Summit. Each year this event grows – this year there were 6,500 attendees. I still remember when there were only about 1,000 or so attendees at this conference, and it was held at a more intimate venue at the Grand America hotel in Salt Lake City, instead of at the Salt Palace Conference Center.

As per usual this year, my Summit experience was dotted with both excellent sessions (best being the Digital Tag Manager lab I took), and less than stellar ones. Also as with every Summit, new product announcements and upgrades make up a big part of the general sessions.

Key Take Aways:

  • Adobe introduces Profile Management to the Marketing Cloud
  • Adobe introduces a new solution to the Marketing Cloud – Adobe Campaign
  • Improved asset and app management across multiple mobile platforms
  • Genesis is now free and included with Adobe Analytics
  • Digital Tag Manager makes implementation a lot easier, although still requires some knowledge of JavaScript and Regular Expressions to leverage the entire tool.
  • Focus on People and Processes, instead of Products
  • Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager currently supports Google Analytics “out-of-the-box”
  • Cool things from Summit Sneaks:
    • Real Time Offers
      • Using the real-time data to see customers interacting with your site, and giving the ability to serve up customized offers to them on the fly, especially to those who appear at risk of cart abandonment.
    • Event Triggers
      • Ability to trigger events in real-time through Adobe Campaign
    • Uber Segments
      • New segment manager works across reports (SiteCatalyst), ad hoc (Discover), and data warehouse
      • Added functionality – Segment stacking
    • Auto Infographics
      • Ability to bring in info graphics designed in Adobe Illustrator and update the data in them *on the fly*
    • Behavior and Buzz
      • Adds an integration between Adobe Social and Analytics giving more detailed correlation between data from social sources and your web site
    • Location Targeting
      • Adding the ability to combine an iBeacon with Adobe Target to provide real-time push offers and messaging to customers who are within your brick-and-mortar store.
  • Adobe announced changes to it’s video tracking
    • Switching from a milestone tracking method through server calls, to a “heartbeat” method that will track every 10 seconds and use a “streaming” call instead.
    • App measurement will be required to use the new video tracking (upgrade from the older s_code implementation)
    • Because of the switch to a new “streaming” call, a new contract needs to be signed with your account manager
    • Includes the ability to track in real-time live-event videos
    • The old and new video methods can co-exist and allows you to transition your videos to the new method over time
    • The new video tracking is not yet compatible with the Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM)
    • Dynamic Tag Manager (DTM) is really the way to go for future analytics implementations
      • 80-90% of all implementation requirements are all point/click within the DTM. Only 10-20% still require a developer to write JavaScript
      • It’s compatible with both Adobe Analytics and Google Analytics
      • Best thing … it’s 100% free to existing Adobe Analytics customers
    • Some top tips from Adobe:
      • You can use the stats program called R to interface with the Adobe Analytics API, in order to dig into the data in some unique ways
      • Can now export data from Data Warehouse into the Tableau format to make it easier to import into Tableau
      • Many Admin functions that once required ClientCare can now be done within the Admin tool – best one … hiding old report suites (finally!)
      • Coming soon: ability to add custom descriptions to eVars and sProps

TheBentaurAnd finally – the best takeaway of all. TheBentaur. He is awesome. That is all.

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