Time for a Change

For long-time readers of my blog you may notice a change on the web site. My business is now over 5 years old and by adding a number of subcontractors to my team, I thought it was time to give EndressAnalytics.com a new look.

The biggest part of the change was to de-emphasize the blog on the home page. The blog posts have been the central part of this site for the last 5 years. As I continue to grow and expand the business, I felt it was time to have the site take on a more business-focus, and less of a blog-focus. That’s not to say I won’t blog anymore – but as many probably have noticed, I haven’t blogged very often in the past year or so.

As I find myself busier with managing more client projects, I find having less time (and inspiration) to blog. I was trying to fill that void with my YouTube tutorial series, but that felt a bit hollow. So I’ve now created a completely new section to showcase the video tutorials, and going forward I’ll keep this blog strictly to the written word. I may not post very often, but I will try to post when I have something substantive to share. I may even invite guest bloggers as well (so if you know anyone who may be interested in writing about Web Analytics, please fill out my contact form and I may consider it).

As for the subcontractors I now have under contract – they add the following list of expertise to our analytics repertoire:

  • Adobe Analytics Implementation Development
  • Google Analytics Implementation and Analysis
  • WebTrends Implementation and Analysis
  • IBM Coremetrics Implementation and Analysis

I hope this change is seen as a breath of fresh air. Feel free to contact me, either through Twitter, Facebook or my contact form if you have any feedback, are interested in contributing to my blog or even if you’re interested in talking to us about a potential analytics project you may have.


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