5-Year Anniversary

AnniversaryIt’s that time of year again – to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. Endress|Analytics, LLC was founded 5 years ago. At the time I decided to go independent, I had no certainty that I was going to succeed. However, I was determined to try. I had quite a few ups and downs over the past 5 years – self-employment can be a rocky road to travel. However, the highs have been more numerous than the lows and after 5 years I can proudly say that my venture has been successful.

Over the past 5 years, I have completed analytics projects for over a dozen Fortune 500 companies and I now have 5 other consultants under contract and have 2 strategic partnerships with other agencies. I’m continuing to expand the capabilities of my business, and I now have Google Analytics, Coremetrics and WebTrends expertise on my team, in addition to my Adobe Analytics expertise. Along with that I’m also adding Tag Management to my list, currently Adobe Dynamic Tag Manager and Ensighten. In 2013 I also launched a YouTube channel and began producing analytics tutorials, news and reviews.

In 2014 look forward to a complete redesign of this website as well. I think it’s time I finally evolved this site from merely a blog, with some content, to a full-fledged business web site, that still includes a blog! I also hope to continue to grow the Endress|Analytics family and add more consultants under contract in the future.

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