Transitioning from Being a “Report Monkey”

I provide some tips on how to transition your career from being just a “report monkey” to becoming a web analyst.

Book Recommendations:

Blog Recommendations:


2 thoughts on “Transitioning from Being a “Report Monkey”

  1. Hi Gabriele,

    Nice job on your videos! I’ve watched a few so far and I’m looking forward to spending more time learning from you. I was wondering if you had posted the names of the resources you referred to in the “How to Transition from a Report Monkey to a Web Analyst” video – I don’t see them anywhere. It would be great to have additional resources to learn from.

    Thanks in advance.


    1. Joan,

      Thanks for the comment. The resources were listed in the description below the video, which can be seen when visiting I will also go ahead and add them to the page here for people’s reference. Thanks for the head’s up.



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