Adobe Summit 2013

2013-03-06 09.56.28-2Once again I attended the Adobe Digital Marketing Summit (big surprise, right?!). These days of course I mainly go to meet up with my fellow #measure “tweeps,” and to network with other professionals, in the hopes of driving more business for my little company. However the keynotes are always interesting, along with the breakout sessions.

This year I will focus on the two parts of the Summit that stood out the most to me – the “Mega Demo” from the first opening session, and the “Summit Sneaks” from the final session. Although before I go into detail on those, the opening keynote was quite interesting. You can watch the opening Keynote hereThe Last Millisecond.

The Mega Demo

So following the opening keynote, was the “Mega Demo,” with live demos of the 5 new product solutions that Adobe is now offering through their Digital Marketing Cloud. Here is how Adobe will be packaging up their digital marketing products going forward:

Adobe Analytics

This product solution will include:

  • SiteCatalyst
  • Discover
  • Report Builder
  • Data Warehouse
  • Insight
  • Tag Manager

Adobe Experience Manager

This product solution will include:

  • DAM
  • Scene7
  • CQ5

Adobe Target

This product solution will include:

  • Test & Target
  • Recommendations
  • Search & Promote

Adobe Social

This product solution will include:

  • Social Analytics

Adobe Media Optimizer

This product solution will include:

  • EF
  • SearchCenter
  • AdLens


Now that they are packaging up their various digital marketing products into these five discrete solutions, it will simplify things in several ways. First, there will be a single sign-on across all solutions (yay!), and then the pricing will be a lot more simplified than before. The problem my clients have always had in the past was the cost of adding on additional services. They were happy with SiteCatalyst, but were not willing to pay as much (or more) to add on Discover, Insight or Data Warehouse. By bundling these products together, it consolidates the pricing and brings them into the range of being more affordable.

When I queried an Adobe team member about the pricing, he couldn’t give me any specifics, but said that the cost of Adobe Analytics would generally only be about 1.2% higher than the current cost of Adobe SiteCatalyst is alone. I think that price point will make it very tempting for my clients to invest into the full Adobe Analytics solution, rather than just sticking with SiteCatalyst alone (and I’m sure that’s exactly what Adobe is hoping will happen). Personally I see this as a win-win and I can’t wait to help my clients upgrade to the full Adobe Analytics solution offering (now if they’d only bundled Test & Target in with Analytics, I’d be a really happy camper!).

Summit Sneaks

Summit Sneaks each year gives us a “sneak peek” at currently developing tools/technologies by the various digital marketing teams. Some of them will see the light of day as an actual product offering in the future. Others, well I’m sure they were worth the effort in the long run.

Here is the list of “Sneaks” that came out this year:

  • #BoomData – bringing in external data as charts and graphs, and overlaying them onto SiteCatalyst and dashboards.
  • #SeeAndBelieve – next generation of pathing reports, pivoting around any point, including conversion.
  • #QuickTrend – true real time data from Adobe Analytics.
  • #Automagic – automated SAINT classifications (FINALLY!) .
  • #DAMVideo – video tapestry (rendering video into a panorama image, instead of a single thumbnail), and overlaid with stats.
  • #OnTheEdge – Adobe Edge Reflow allows to visually “size” the site to fit any device, without going to IT to develop it for you.
  • #ClickClickDone – inline editing, adding components (such as campaign tracking), again without needing to go to IT.
  • #SweetEmotion – Emotion Engine based on social media. Going above and beyong sentiment, to show the true emotion behind a social media post.
  • #TweetBoost – analysis of “influencers,” who are driving traffic your site.
  • #CMOBFF – tools for CMOs.

Personally the Sneak I’m most excited about is the #Automagic tool. To finally be able to manage SAINT classifications without having to routinely manage a giant spreadsheet is going to make campaign tracking so much easier! I honestly cannot wait to use that tool (I hear it’s possibly in beta so I need to look into that).

So that concludes yet another stellar Adobe Summit. This year I am actually planning on attending eMetrics fo the first time. I’ll be going to the one in Chicago in June (for a few reasons, 1. I have family in Chicago, and 2. I can’t make the eMetrics in April in San Francisco since I’ll be in the process of moving into a new house).

Did you attend Summit? What parts stuck out the most for you this year?

The only thing I regret missing this year was the Karaoke After Party. It’s always such fun, and I hear Taylor Hicks made a surprise appearance!! (I voted for him to win on American Idol so you can imagine how disappointed I was to miss seeing him perform live). Thankfully VABeachKevin from Twitter was nice enough to tape one of his performances and put it online (Thanks Kevin!). Enjoy!

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