Riding the Digital Analytics Wave

digital waveOver the past few years I’ve noticed an increasing demand for digital analytics talent. Not a week goes by for me without getting at least one inquiry as to my availability for work. Most inquiries are for full-time, senior positions that would require me to relocate. Those I turn down immediately as I have no intention of working exclusively for one company at the moment, nor do I have the desire to relocate.

Among all those inquiries, increasingly there have been more that are for part-time, either for short or long-term opportunities. These for me are definitely more interesting as they allow me to continue to remain independent.

I feel fortunate to have entered into this field when I did, and I’m now riding the wave of demand for digital analytics talent. I know I’m hardly the best digital analyst out there, but I have a solid set of skills and clients who appear to appreciate them. That is evidenced by the fact that I’ve had one client for over 2 years now on a long-term contract, and another client who has recently asked for me to return after completing a 3 month project for them last year.

In total I have long-term contracts now with 5 different agencies, from a variety of backgrounds: marketing ad advertising, analytics consulting and implementation consulting. Some of them have recently come to me as they have been inundated with too much work and need help to keep up with the demand. Personally I’m at my maximum capacity now as well and will have to turn away even small part-time opportunities for the foreseeable future.

This means there is a lot of opportunity out there for folks with any analytics experience under their belts. This field right now is on fire and is in need of talented people. How do you get in on this opportunity? Back in 2010 I blogged about getting into the web analytics field and I think everything I stated is still relevant today.

  • Have a passion for data analysis.
  • Have a background in a relevant field, which can be anything from web design, web content creation or web usability, to mathematics and statistical analysis.
  • Get started by reading books and blogs on the topic, and perhaps by joining the Analysis Exchange to get hands-on experience in real-world projects.

If this sounds like a career for you, hop on board because we’re only just getting started!

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