It’s time again to #ACCELERATE

ACCELERATE LOGOI once again attended the one-day #ACCELERATE conference. This time it was held in Chicago and I had the privilege of being asked to give one of the 5-minute “Super Accelerator” presentations. The format remained the same as last time – the majority of the day was taken up by the main speakers, each doing “Ten Tips in 20 Minutes” on their respective topics. The day then ended with the Super Accelerators, who each had 5 minutes to speak on “One Big Idea.”

Here is my summary of the day – as you can tell, what a virtual “Firehose of Data” we were doused with.

Ten Tips Topics:

  • Ten Tips to Building a Social Measurement Framework
    John Lovett, Web Analytics Demystified
  • Ten Tips for Creating a Data Sciences Capability
    Raghu and Jami, Orbitz Worldwide
  • Ten Tips for Keeping Egg Off Your Face
    Tim Munsell, Dave Ramsey
  • Ten Tips for Site Optimization with Tag Management
    Peter McCrae, Symantec
  • Ten Tips for Improving Customer Listening
    Joan King, Crate & Barrel
  • Ten Tips for Presenting Results Like a Pro
    Tim Wilson, Resource Interactive
  • Ten Tips for Optimizing Your Optimization Efforts
    Brian Hawkins, Web Analytics Demystified
  • Ten Tips for Running a Successful Web Analytics Effort
    Adam Greco, Web Analytics Demystified
  • Ten Tips to Stop Saying Sh*t Web Analysts Often Say
    Elizabeth Smalls, Tween Brands 
  • Ten Tips for Using Analytics to Drive Your Digital Business
    Matt Wilcox, Zion’s Bank
  • Ten Tips for Building a World Class Analytics Team
    Lynn Lanphier, Best Buy
  • Ten Tips for Running Your Web Analytics Like a Basketball Team
    Eric Peterson, Web Analytics Demystified

Super Accelerator Topics:

  • Mentoring the Analysis Exchange
    Gabriele Endress, Endress|Analytics LLC
  • It’s Not About the Numbers, It’s About the Answers!
    Matt Crenshaw,  Discovery Communications
  • When Content is King
    Heather McKnight, Accenture
  • Love (for Your Clients and Co-Workers)
    Michael Hebling, Rosetta 
  • Social Media
    Amelia Showalter, Obama Campaign 2012
  • #OccupyAnalytics
    April Wilson, Digital Analytics 101 

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