It’s a Brand New Day with Digital Analytics

Today the Web Analytics Association announced a big change today which started with a renaming and rebranding of the organization to now be known as the Digital Analytics Assocation (DAA). The change is big because it’s not merely a new name – it’s an entirely new way to look at our industry. We’ve gone beyond just the web now, to truly encompass the digital realm and provide actionable insights across many different digital platforms.

Companies have for the last few years begun to move beyond the web as well – with social media and mobile seeing explosive growth and providing customers and clients a myriad of ways to interact with companies in the digital realm. With that explosion has come the need to measure performance of these new media, and provide those actionable insights that companies need in order to make the right business decisions on the digital frontier.

Personally I’m excited by this trend and am looking forward to all the potential opportunities that may come my way, as this digital revolution continues to move forward. I love being “bleeding edge.”

This move by the Digital Analytics Association acknowledges this exciting trend and brings it home to all of us in this industry. It’s not just about the web anymore!

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