Remaining Engaged in Social Media

Social MediaI’ve come to realize that I have a bad habit when it comes to my social media networking skills. When I’m looking for new clients and/or projects to work on, I engage a lot more with the web analytics community through social media (primarily the #measure community on Twitter). When I’m not seeking more work or clients, I tend to switch to only engaging when I have a question or need help solving a new problem I’m encountering.

I feel this lack of consistency is a bad habit and that I need to change it. I’m not necessarily engaging less because I’m too busy (although depending on the week, that may be the case), but because I’m just not seeking work, and therefore I have less motivation to be engaged. I have a similar habit with this blog (as the long gaps between some of my articles clearly indicate).

That being said, what am I going to do about it? Re-tweeting other people’s tweets is one option, but I don’t want to resort to just randomly re-tweeting every day, or tweeting articles I find online that have already been tweeted by several hundred other #measure folks before me. I crave to be original, and stand out from the crowd. This is a problem I’ve actually been struggling with over the past 3+ years since I began my foray into the world of consulting and self-employment.

Perhaps my goal of trying to be unique with my tweets is a lofty goal. I think I need to start utilizing things like scheduling tweets throughout the day, and just making time for 30 minutes or so out of each day to respond to @replies and any interesting tweets I happen to see. Possibly if I just start tweeting more (without getting spammy about it), I may also be able to increase my overall engagement.

Tell me, how do you stay engaged in social media? Please leave a comment below or let me know on Twitter (@EndressAnalytic).

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