Being a Tool Agnostic Who Happens to Like Omniture

High-Tech ToolsIn order to be a successful independent web analytics consultant, I have to remain tool agnostic. At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter which tool you use, it’s the trends you find, and analysis you make, that counts. I have worked with clients who use Google Analytics, HBX, Unica, Webtrends, and yes even Omniture SiteCatalyst. I can work within any tool environment and come up with actionable insights, and tell the story behind the data. So at the end of the day the tool I use should never really matter, as long as it gets the job done.

However, with that being said, I will not apologize for being an unabashed fan of the Omniture tools, especially SiteCatalyst. While I am able to do my job with any tool, the one that I personally have had the most positive experience with has been SiteCatalyst. I find the other tools less intuitive to me. I also find them slower loading and with fewer customization and correlation options.

Admittedly until version 15 Omniture was lagging behind by not offering segmentation within SiteCatalyst, and requiring companies to add the extra expense of Discover and/or Data Warehouse in order to get the segmentation data they needed. I will admit SiteCatalyst isn’t perfect, but I just find it a lot more intuitive than a lot of the other tools out there.

I guess in some ways I’m an Omniture fan, very much like the Mac fans out there. You say one little tiny thing about a Mac as a PC person and they love to jump all over you. When I see people putting Omniture down, in what I think is an unfair way, I do like to speak up and share that my experience has been positive. However, I try not to be like the Mac Fanboys and Fangirls who outright insult anyone who doesn’t agree with their point of view (and you Mac fans who do this know who you are).

Lately it feels to me that it’s perfectly cool to bash Omniture, the same way it’s cool to bash Microsoft Windows. However, apparently you violate some sort of social norm if you try and imply that you’re having a positive experience with Omniture (or Windows for that matter), you’re automatically labeled as some kind of douchebag, loser or someone “on the take” from the brand they happen to be advocating? Some of us honestly like these tools and are not afraid to say so.

So I will not apologize when I say, I love using Omniture SiteCatalyst (and heck, yes I also love using Windows!).

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