#ACCELERATE Conference Review

ACCELERATE LOGOLast week I attended the #ACCELERATE conference in San Francisco, California. It was the first type of conference of it’s kind and it was amazing how much they packed into a single day. They promised a “fire hose of learning” and they delivered!

The main presenters each had 20 minutes to provide 10 tips on whichever topic they were presenting on. All the presenters finished on-time and provided a ton of great tips across a wide variety of topics including:

  • Social Analytics
  • Monetizing Facebook
  • Building an Integrated Listening Environment
  • Mobile Strategy
  • Tag Management Systems
  • Creating a Data Driven Organization
  • Turning Around your Web Analytics Program
  • Improving your Vendor Relationship
  • Building a Great Digital Measurement Team

After the main speakers concluded, it was time for the Super Accelerator session. Each Super Accelerator had 5 minutes to focus on one point/topic. The final one of the day was the best (and the speaker won a prize) by doing his entire presentation in rhyme. Some of the topics covered by the Super Accelerators included:

  • Stop Being a Report Monkey
  • The Rarity of a True Web Analyst
  • Sharing the Story Behind the Data
  • Competitive Facebook Analytics
  • Web Analytics Career Development
  • Learning to Say No
  • Having Unconditional Love for Customers, Co-Workers and Vendors
  • Media Fragmentation
  • Benefits of “Freemium” Analytics Tools
  • Mobile Analytics
  • Tracking User Behavior while Respecting their Privacy

Here are my top five learnings from the fire-hose of data I was doused with at this conference:

  1. It’s not just about web analytics anymore, it’s about digital measurement (web, mobile, social media, who knows what’s next?)
  2. When marketing on Facebook, use ads, not the wall on your company page. The wall is for engaging with your followers.
  3. Data is dirty. Get over it!
  4. When working with vendors, do not assume they can read your mind!
  5. As consumption of digital content via mobile devices increases, mobile analytics is becoming increasingly critical.


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