Website Owners, Check Your Mobile Stats!


As a tablet computer owner I am finding some sites difficult to use. Not because they use Flash (I have an Android tablet), but because they insist on forcing me to view the “mobile” version of their site. Some sites do offer the option to swithc to their “full” or “desktop” version, but often I have to re-select this on every page. Other sites never even give me this option, and I find the mobile versions of their sites both unattractive, and limited, when using my tablet.

Mobile optimized web sites are awesome when I am browsing with my phone, but once you use a 10.1″ tablet, they really are less than ideal. Tablet optimized may also be an option depending on how whiz-bang your site is, but often my tablet can handle the full version of most sites.

When looking at the mobile stats for my clients over the past two quarters I noticed a significant increase in tablet traffic to their sites. To that end I have begun reporting on those stats so they are aware and can make the appropriate business decisions for those users. I am recommending to all of them to either serve the full versions of their sites to anyone running Android 3.0 or higher, developing a tablet optimized version, or at the very least including the option to switch to the full site if they wish. In addition I am recommending if they choose the 3rd option, to place a cookie to remember that option, so as the user navigates the site, they are not brought back to the mobile version with every click to a new page.

I highly recommend anyone reading this post to check the mobile stats for your site, if you are not already doing so, and start thinking about options for the tablet computer users who visit your site.

2 thoughts on “Website Owners, Check Your Mobile Stats!

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