Why I am Excited About Omniture SiteCatalyst 15 and Social Analytics


At this year’s Omniture Summit they made two exciting product announcements – SiteCatalyst 15 and Social Analytics. I’m personally excited about both of these products and I’d like to share why I’m eagerly anticipating getting to use both of them.

SiteCatalyst 15

SiteCatalyst 15 is more than just an upgrade to the SiteCatalyst tool. It introduces an entirely new platform, UI changes and some very long awaited feature additions like:

  • Segmentation

    This was one of the biggest features that Google Analytics exceeded SiteCatalyst in. When Google Analytics introduced Advanced Segments it had an edge over Omniture/Adobe since trying to get segmented data in SiteCatalyst was a rather tedious and/or expensive proposition (expensive if you opted to pay for additional tools like Discover or Insight).

  • Bounce Rate

    This is a much maligned metric and I discuss in more detail why I don’t feel it’s an entirely useless metric in my previous blog post. I personally am happy to see this as a default metric going forward (thank you!).

  • Full-Subrelations on all eVars

    Until now, in order to get full-subrelations enabled on an eVar, you had to request it from ClientCare, and even then you were usually limited to only 3-5 eVars that could have full-subrelations enabled. Now they will be enabled for all eVars, all the time. This is awesome! With full-subrelations enabled on all eVars, this opens up the possibility of gaining more depth and insight across your eVar data and will greatly improve conversion analysis.

  • Improved video reporting

    Instead of separate video reports, video reports are now going to be included across all metrics by default. If you have a tagged video, you should be able to get video data across all reports. This will make getting at this data a lot easier and require less development.

  • Trending multiple metrics

    Showing trends of multiple metrics will save me a lot of time when I’m preparing my reports. I always have to download the data and put it into Excel in order to produce a trended chart of multiple metrics. If this can be automated within Omniture, it will increase my productivity a lot. (Hmm although, since I charge by the hour, if I can do my work faster, I end up charging my clients less … hey wait! … hehe just kiddin’!)

  • Processing Rules

    Based on a video made by @VaBeachKevin, SiteCatalyst also introduced new processing rules in the Admin tool. This looks really exciting to me because instead of working with developers to write fancy JavaScript to process the values and/or conditions for such things as events, evars and props, SiteCatalyst now lets you do it straight in the tool. This will also really help my productivity as I won’t have to write detailed instructions for developers and wait for them to get around to implementing my requested changes. This won’t eliminate the need for developers entirely, but for a non-developer like myself, being able to do more within the tool myself will reduce one bottleneck in my process.

So those are a few of the things I’m really excited about with SiteCatalyst 15.

Social Analytics

Social Analytics won’t launch for a few more months, but this is yet another tool I’m very eager to work with. The details on this tool are not as fleshed out as with SiteCatalyst 15 (which is now live), but just knowing there will be a dedicated Social Analytics tool is exciting in-and-of itself. It will compete directly with Radian 6 and monitor social media activity in tools such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. It will compliment SiteCatalyst, but will not require SiteCatalyst (which would be important for companies that focus specifically on providing social media services to their clients). It will have metrics customized for social analytics, such as sentiment.

I’ll admit I’m eager to see more details about this tool and I have signed up for the beta test program in hopes of getting a sneak peek.

I think 2011 will be an exciting year for me and I hope my clients will be as eager as I am to try out these tools. I’m already trying to persuade them to upgrade to SiteCatalyst 15 and I have at least one client who may be a great candidate for Social Analytics. I can’t wait!

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