IRC #measure Q&A with Jason Thompson

Endress|Analytics will be hosting a #measure Q&A with Jason Thompson on IRC!

Where: Right here! Go to the IRC Web Chat I have implemented on this site. (Note: you need Java installed – if for some reason you do not have/want Java installed look to the end of this post for further instructions on accessing IRC).

When: Wednesday, March 16th at 1pm Eastern (10am Pacific).

Why: I am planning on this becoming a regular series of Q&As of noted web analytics people using an old tried and true chat format (IRC). The first in this series is a Q&A with Jason Thompson, who is a noted member of the #measure community on Twitter, writes the Empty Mind blog, works as a senior analytics consultant at Numeric Analytics, is a mentor at the Analysis Exchange, a committee member of the Web Analytics Association and an Omniture customer advisory board member at Adobe (whew!).

Please RSVP to this event!

For folks who cannot access the chat through my web chat Java applet there are a couple of other options:

  • For folks unfamiliar with IRC:
    • Go to:
    • Nickname: select a nickname to use within the chat room (if you select one already being used, you will be assigned a random name).
    • Channels: #measure
    • Auth to Services: leave unselected
  • For folks familiar with IRC:
    • Server:
    • Channel: #measure
    • Port: 6667


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