I’ve blogged about certification in the past – back in 2008 when the Web Analytics Association was still developing their certification program, and the only certification options were tool specific (Omniture, Google, Web Trends and Coremetrics were the primary certification offerings).

In 2009 the Web Analytics Association Certification was finally launched and to date there are now 13 Certified Web Analysts.

Certification exams are certainly not cheap – they can cost anywhere from $250 – $700 each time you take (or re-take) the exams. So which type of certification is right for you?

First ask yourself – what kind of analyst do you want to be? Are you focused on a specific tool (like Google Analytics), or are you aiming to be a more generalized analyst – focused more on the actual analytics, and being more tool-agnostic. If you want to focus on one particular analytics tool, then I would recommend you focus your certification goals on that particular tool. Most of the major analytics tools offer specific certification for their products.

If you would prefer to be more known for being a web analyst and focus on analytics (not specific to any tool), then the Web Analytics Association Certification would be your best bet. It’s one of the priciest of all the certifications out there, but I feel it would help any analyst – especially those of us who would like to remain independent consultants.

Either way you go, you will be seen as a dedicated professional in your field and it will demonstrate your proficiency in Web Analytics.

That being said, I am planning on taking the WAA exam myself in 2011. As a consultant I really need to remain tool agnostic, despite my bias towards Omniture (what can I say, SiteCatalyst is still my favorite analytics tool). I may take the exam at the Emetrics conference in San Fransisco in March. If not then I’ll start looking into testing centers in my area where I can take the exam. I am hoping that by this time next year I will join the ranks of Certified Web Analysts. Wish me luck!

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