IBM Becoming an Analytics Juggernaut?

Just months after acquiring Coremetrics, IBM also snapped up Unica in a bid to continue to grow their own analytics offerings. This of course after also snatching up SPSS, DataCap, and Sterling Commerce. These acquisitions definitely are making it look like IBM wants to be a force to be reckoned with in the online marketing space. However from the early responses I’ve been reading online, it seems to me that the analytics community are skeptical they will succeed.

My first question when I read the news was, what will this mean for Omniture (sorry – Adobe Markting Suite Powered by Omniture) and Webtrends? Omniture now belongs to Adobe so they are not as tasty of a morsel to buy up for IBM, and personally I’ve never seen the appeal for Webtrends. Being a free offering Google Analytics still has the corner on the small to medium sized online market.

Personally what I see happening is that at the end of the day Adobe/Omniture and IBM will be the last companies standing in the offering of full-service online marketing offerings at the enterprise level. This is purely speculation on my part and who knows what other players may emerge once all the dust settles, but that’s how I currently see it.

What do you think?

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