Why I don’t do SEO

Very often folks who do web analytics also provide SEO services. In fact, most people I meet think that’s exactly what I do. However if you check out my services page you will notice that SEO is not one of my offered services, and I want to explain why.

Fundamentally, I believe, the key to SEO has more to do with the quality of your site (and specifically the quality of your content) than anything else. You can tweet and blog all day long, but if your site does not have content that people find valuable, they aren’t going to visit (or if they do visit, they probably won’t come back). Good content is not a service I can provide (well it is, but I have no desire to sit around writing copy for web sites all day – that’s just not where my passion lies).

My passion is data and statistics, I love finding interesting trends in visitor behavior and trying to understand it. Also with my background in usability I also love using that data to help suggest how to make web sites better. Fundamentally when a web site has both great content, and an intuitive structure that’s easy to use, visitors will come, word will spread and your search rankings will rise.

In this day and age of social media, search rankings really aren’t the end-all, be-all they used to be. Many folks find info they want through social media venues (Twitter, Facebook) nearly as much as through search these days. There are so many other ways for your site to be found on the internet. Now I’m not saying SEO is completely useless – but while great SEO may get lots of traffic to your site, it won’t keep them there, or turn them into conversions. Only a well made site with good content will do that. Web analytics can help you determine how well made your site is, and also help fix areas where visitors are dropping off your site before converting.

And that’s why I do Web Analytics, and not SEO.

One thought on “Why I don’t do SEO

  1. I couldn’t agree more on this.
    Measuring how relevant an action is, obviously matters. But probably we do not have enough retreat at this stage to identify the most appropriate indicators, and to all agree on these being a common reference.
    That’s always the same debate on quantity vs quality. If the market you want to adress is very specific, you probably don’t need the same traffic than google! Qualify leads is the true question..

    Thanks for this post!


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