Project Management Tools

Whether or not you are a freelancer, independent consultant, or full-time employee on an analytics team, we all need help managing our time and projects. The default go-to tools for these are Microsoft Outlook (Calendar/Task List) and Microsoft Project. These are great tools, but a little pricey for the average person – especially if you are a freelancer. Here is a list of free/affordable solutions I’ve found, all of which I’m playing around with in some degree or another:

  • Project2Manage – Online project management tool. Limited free version, or paid options ranging from $3.95 to $75/month, depending on your project management needs.
  • SmartSheet – Online project and time management system. Cost ranges from $9.95 – $150/month (comes with a 30 day free-trial).
  • No Kahuna – Online project management and collaboration tool. Free if you keep your project public (anyone can view it). To keep projects private the pricing ranges from $7 – $99/month.
  • Toggl – Online project management tool, which also includes desktop app (for Windows, Mac and Linux) that helps track your time and learns how you work based on what you have “in-focus” on your PC as you work, and an iPhone app as well. Limited free version, or paid options ranging from $5 – $79/month.
  • Tick – Online time tracking/project management tool. Limited free version (for “moonlighters”), with paid versions ranging from $9 – $79/month.

When looking at these various vendors (and there are a whole lot more out there if you care to search for them), they all offer similar functionality and have similar pricing. I think the ones offering desktop apps to help really track your time may be ultimately more useful, but I need to really work more extensively with these tools to know for sure. They all certainly have aesthetically pleasing and intuitive interfaces. This appears like another industry (online project management tools) rife for some consolidation – so for now I think I’ll stick with the free versions before investing in any particular one.

Do you have any favorite project management tools? If so please comment and tell me about them!

One thought on “Project Management Tools

  1. I’ve used zoho a good bit and it seems to meet my needs. We use Jira at work and it is ok for ticketing / bug fixes but not a great pm tool.

    Check out GanttProject, it gives you a nice interface that is close to MS project.



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