Omniture Summit Review – Day 3

Thursday, March 4 (Day 3)

Final day starts all too early. They had gourmet egg “mcmuffins” and plenty of coffee (I needed it). The first session started off with a bang in the general session with Seth Godin (the marketing guru as far as most folks there are concerned). He’s very insightful and entertaining. Bonus – everyone at the conference gets a copy of his latest book “Linchpin: Are you Indespensible?” (Thanks Omniture!). Here is my recap for my last day at the Summit:

General Session: Keynote by Seth Godin

  • Ideas that spread, win.
  • Genius is solving a problem in a way no one else thought of before – no need to be an Einstein to be a genius!
  • Anxiety is experiencing anticipated failure in advance (response from your primitive “lizard brain”)
  • Be an artist – find places to do work that is remarkable. Invent and create value. The factory model for marketing is now obsolete.

Breakout Session 1: Email and Social Engagement Practices

  • 54% of companies plan to increase email marketing budgets in 2010
  • Need a conversational strategy to both listen and engage customers
  • Keep messaging relevant for your customers – use targeted messaging as much as possible.
  • 66% of Fortune 100 companies are using Twitter
  • 20% of all tweets mention brands
  • Twitter users are more likely to engage with brands than other social media users
  • Social media marketing will grow 34% year over year up to $3 billion by 2014

General Session Luncheon: Today we had a formal luncheon sponsored by Responsys. I sat at a table with folks from Reader’s Digest and had a great chat with a regional manager from ForeSee Results as well. Really had a chance to discuss my background in usability and compare notes over corporations reluctance to do proper usability testing.

Usability Test: Speaking of usability, I skipped the 2nd breakout session to take part in a usability test for Omniture. I was asked to complete several different scenarios using their new dashboard manager which is currently in beta. Looks pretty sweet although there were a couple of areas where I thought usability was a bit lacking. Hopefully they will get addressed before their final release.

Breakout Session 3: Best Practices for Measuring Social Media

  • Funny joke from Conan O’Brien: By the year 3000 YouTube, Twitter and Facebook will merge into the ultimate time waster: YouTwitFace!
  • Biggest challenge for measuring social media: getting the data. Ways to do it:
    • Web Beacon
      • Ability to get visitor ID
      • But … not always possible
      • Dynamic pages can pose a problem
    • API
      • No visitor ID – just aggregate data
      • However more content interactions available …
    • Is your social media strategy actionable?
    • Common Business Requirements for Measuring Social Media:
      • Awareness/Sentiment
      • R&D – developing the APIs
      • Customer Service

That is about all I got out of that last session – I was really tired by then! I skipped the final general session because I had to catch a ride to the airport and catch my flight back home. You never know how bad the line through security is going to be!

The last fun thing I did was while waiting for my flight, I was watching all the live tweets coming in from the last session – almost felt like I was there anyway (thanks to all you live tweeters!).

In summary I had a really great Summit. I met with a lot of great folks and exchanged info with them and added them all to my LinkedIn profile. Thanks Omniture for putting on another spectacular Summit!

For those of you who missed the Summit this year – Omniture has shared some great photos of the event (Thanks Omniture!).

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