Omniture Summit 2010 in Review

This year’s Omniture Summit is winding to a close as I write this. There is still another evening of parties and skiing tomorrow, but I am heading back home tonight.

It’s been a great conference and I am very glad I attended this year. I will recap my experience at this year’s Summit and I also plan to put together a presentation of all the “learnings” I took away from the conference this year which I will present at the next Northern Colorado Web Analytics Wednesday on March 24 (I will share it online after my presentation).

Tuesday March 2 (Day 1)

I arrived in Salt Lake City around 4pm and quickly found the Omniture bus which was taking folks from the airport to the hotel at regular intervals (Thanks Omniture!!!). As I was checking in I ran into one of my Twitter followers (@apbatten). We both flew in on the same flight but saw each other’s tweets before we recognized each other (hard to recognize folks in person from those tiny little twitter profile pics!).

"Basic" Room at Little America
"Basic" Room at Little America

After checking in I headed for registration and picked up my conference materials and swag (this year – a nice pen and a “Poken” – a social electronic business card). I then headed to my room to freshen up before heading over to the Web Analytics Wednesday being held prior to the Omniture Summit reception. The rooms at Little America are practically dripping with old-world European charm and it’s always a pleasure to stay here.

As I was heading towards the Web Analytics Wednesday I actually ran into Eric Peterson in the elevator. That was really cool! He even remembered me from Twitter and from helping me establish the Northern Colorado Web Analytics Wednesdays that I am now hosting. I met lots of other great folks there and many of them knew me from Twitter (ok I’ll admit it was cool to have a fleeting moment of feeling famous).

Around 7:30pm I headed over to the Omniture Summit reception where they once again had complimentary drinks (limit 2) and a really great spread of food set up in the Partner Pavillion. I managed to meet and talk with a variety of folks there and exchanged business cards and “Pokens” with several folks. By 9pm I was ready to crash and I headed back to my room and called it a night.

With as much as I experienced over the course of 3 days I felt it necessary to break my blog entry into 3 parts so this is to be continued …

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