Omniture Summit: A Preview

I am all geared up to attend the Omniture Summit next week and I can’t wait. This is my favorite event each year. The keynotes are always interesting but for me the breakout sessions are often the most informative – looking at best practice implementations, success stories, and other helpful insights into both the web analytics field in general and in Omniture in particular.

This year I will be hopping between the conversion and analytics tracks. There are sessions in both that really interest me like:

There are so many sessions I want to attend and some conflict with each other so I have to plan my days at the conference carefully to make the most of all of them.

Of course the other big reason for me to attend is the opportunity to network with other professionals and hopefully have a chance to make some good business connections. I really hope to grow Endress|Analytics this year.

Stay tuned – I’ll write a review of the Summit after I have attended, and I will share my presentation I am preparing for the next Web Analytics Wednesday reviewing the Summit as well!

2 thoughts on “Omniture Summit: A Preview

  1. Gabriele, it was a pleasure meeting you at the networking session Tuesday night before the summit. I hope all the sessions are as rewarding as you hope!


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