New Year, New Opportunities

A new year has been upon us now for 10 days. I have found it difficult, after enjoying a much needed vacation, to refocus myself on my work. To be sure opportunities abound as the economy slowly recovers and companies slowly relax their purse strings. I do find myself at a cross roads – to continue consulting, or to accept offers of full-time employment? Both have their pros and cons.

Full-time employment brings with it the possibility of more stability and benefits like 401(k) and a better deal on health care (well at least for now). However it also brings with it less flexibility, and ultimately less pay than consulting. Both are appealing in their own way, and both are not at the same time. Stability and benefits are wonderful, but with them are the inevitable office politics which can be treacherous to navigate at times.

Independent consulting on the other hand can pay better, and offer a lot more flexibility and the ability to generally avoid most office politics, as a consultant generally isn’t with a single client long enough for that to really be a factor. However there is the sacrifice of stability – once a project is complete you never know how long it will be before your next client. Very often it’s either feast or famine – many clients clamoring for your services all at once, and then weeks or even months go by when the phone never rings.

Ultimately the direction I take my career this year will depend upon what sort of opportunities crop up first, and how appealing they are to me. So until then I will continue to search for my next great adventure.

<shameless plug>And yes, at the time of my writing this post, this means I am available to take on new clients</shameless plug>

Happy New Year!

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