Cyber-Monday: What Does it Mean for Web Analytics?

Cyber-Monday is once again upon us, apparently bigger and better than ever. Consumers are flocking to online stores for purchases this year, with some retailers expecting as much as a 3% increase in online sales – this despite the expected overall 1% drop in sales overall this holiday season.

This is an ideal time for Web Analysts to truly show their ROI by tracking every cent spent online, tracking online campaigns and determining which ad was the most effective at getting consumers to lay down the cash (or in this case credit) for products.

Online retailers rely on the data and analysis that web analysts provide to determine the right strategy for their holiday sales. The key for web analysts is to make sure that every campaign is correctly tagged and tracked. As long as the data is accurate and reliable then the online retail can make critical business decisions that will affect not only the next Cyber-Monday, but all their online campaigns throughout the coming year.

As online shopping is now becoming the norm, rather than the exception, the need for quality web analytics and analysts is on the rise. This is definitely one field I think is only going to increase in demand over the next decade – and as a web analytics consultant I say “bring it on!”.

Happy Holiday Shopping everyone!

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