Web Analytics in a Global Community

Generally when I think of the Web Analytics community I think of folks in the US, Canada and Europe. However there is an entire global community on the internet and naturally folks in many regions of the world are going to also have a need to understand and analyze the traffic trends on their web sites.

When searching for trends in “web analytics” on Google Insights generally I expect the regional interest to be primarily from English speaking countries, along with folks in Europe who also speak English. One thing I did not expect to see was India in the top 10 list, much less being the top region for “web analytics” searches.

Not that I should be too surprised – India has been catching up rapidly with the rest of the world in technology and engineering.


Doing some further research I found a variety of blogs, Facebook groups and of course a variety of web analytics and SEO consultant services being offered. A lot of the consultant services are for Google Authorized Consultants. With Google being a free tool and many start-ups in India having fewer resources available than their counterparts in the US or Europe, it’s not surprising that they would gravitate towards becoming experts in the most cost-effective option.

Google Analytics is not quite yet up to par with the big boys like Omniture (now part of Adobe) or Web Trends, but they are becoming increasingly a threat to them. With so many companies already looking to India for outsourcing they may become a threat even faster.

It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out over time and how much of an impact India ultimately has on the web analytics community as a whole.

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