The Rise of Web Analytics

Doing some research using Google Insights over the weekend I found some very encouraging trends. There has been a very steady increase in search interest in both “web analytics” and “SEO” since 2004.

This means not only is there an increase in awareness in these fields, but I would go so far as to say there may also be increasing demand – mainly in the area of learning how to apply the techniques of each discipline, looking for jobs related to these disciplines, and possibly also looking for qualified professionals or agencies who provide services in these disciplines.

I remain cautiously optimistic that the fields of Web Analytics and SEO are still in-demand professions. I strongly believe that experts in these fields offer a lot of value for any company or corporation who depend on the web for any part of their business. Being able to make the right business decision regarding the online portion of any business these days is critical – and no business can make informed decisions without the data, analysis and insights that web analysts and SEO experts can provide.

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