Summer Holiday Slump

Interesting phenomenon that happens every year, like clockwork, but it can still cause clients consternation – the slump in web site traffic that happens every Summer, especially around the Independance day holiday. Now this phenomenon is probably most true for sites that get their majority of traffic from the US, although there are other summer holidays and folks tend to most often go on vacation this time of year throughout the western hemisphere.

So why the slump – well the answer should be obvious but often isn’t considered. Some people actually take vacations and they don’t bring their computers (radical concept!). Now with the troubled economy people may not take vacations like they used to, but they still take time off to avoid complete burnout. The rage these days is the “Staycation” and I can imagine that while folks are staying home for their vacations more often, it does not mean they are staying online. With the warm weather season here, folks are more likely to go outside and enjoy the nice weather.

So what can you do to combat the summer holiday slump? You can try a variety of campaigns or promotions but make sure you advertise well in advance of the Summer season – if folks are not online to visit your site, they will not be online to see your promotions or campaigns either. Plan ahead and work on driving traffic to your site during this period (generally between late June – early August) to minimize the effect of this slump.

And the summer heats up, tell your clients to cool down and not worry about the traffic slump – its a common phenomenon that affects everyone. If you can’t fight em, join em!

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