Crispin Porter + Bogusky Launch New Site / Social Media Experiment

Yesterday Crispin Porter + Bogusky, the undisputed hottest advertising agency in the US, launched a “beta” of their company web site redesign – company’s chairman tweeted about it soon after it’s debut and soon Twitter was all a-Buzz with compliments and criticsms (mostly about the silly wig @bogusky is wearing in the intro video).

The site is both a redesign and huge improvement over the original site, but is also an experiement in social media. The site incorporates both videos of work that CP+B have done, but also pulls in twitter feeds, news feeds, blog feeds and related videos. It’s a way to not only see CP+B’s work, as Alex puts it, but also to see what that work is accomplishing in the real world. Also interesting is that they will be releasing the code on this site to developers in an Open Source model – so keep your eyes open for more sites like this popping up.

So why am I talking about it? Well I have a keen interest in social media, especially when it comes to how social media can affect web analytics. For example, many smaller sites, and some large sites, now incorporate blogs as a way to drive traffic. With the viral nature of the web, if you have the next whizz-bang concept and someone mentions it on a blog or tweet, it can take off like wildfire. Or not … people are fickle after all. You might think your concept is whizz-bang-wow-fabulous, but other people may not.

Apparently people on Twitter found the new CP+B site fair whizz-bang based on stats from CrowdEye – from the time the site was launched the tweets around @bogusky just skyrocketed.

Tweets of @bogusky in the past 48 hours
Tweets of @bogusky in the past 48 hours

If nothing else, I would call this experiment a social media success. So many people try to launch new sites and then spam the heck out of twitter to try and get a few extra visits and often get themselves banned for their troubles. Here @bogusky innocently posted one tweet and *bam* everyone is talking about it. I’m sure that their web analytics reports will also reflect this and it would be interesting if @bogusky shared this information with the world.

Oh and @bogusky – lose the wig. It is quite silly.

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