Mobile Analytics

Are you tracking mobile traffic to your site yet? Should you?

As more and more people obtain internet capable mobile phones, they are going to start demanding content that will load on their phones. Some sites accomodate mobile users by creating alternate versions of their sites specifically for mobile phones. Also more and more mobile devices are beginning to be capable of loading any web site.

As more mobile phone users become internet savvy with their phones it is up to web sites to be able to accommodate their customers needs. The first thing to do is to start tracking how many users try and visit your site with a mobile device.

If you are already using Omniture then they have a built in tracking solution – you just need to implement some additional code to get accurate information. For folks using Google Analytics and other tools that may not yet be on top of this trend, there are a number of mobile tracking solutions available on the market. I have not yet personally tried any but I will provide a list here for folks to check out. If you have used any of these before please feel free to comment and leave a review.

If anyone out there has used a mobile analytics tool that I have not listed please also leave a comment and a review.

One thought on “Mobile Analytics

  1. I am not current on the difference of mobile web traffic from traditional web traffic. I would like to track it, but my budget for such things is approximately $0. However I would like to track that some day. Thanks for listing your ideas. I look forward to hearing about other users’ experiences… especially with open source or other analytics tools.


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