Tracking Social Media

Social Media has really been taking off the last few years, but it often presents challanges for tracking via traditional web analytics platforms. How do you track which blog post people are reading on your home page? How about tracking how many people are talking about you or your company on Twitter? How often are your web site or press releases “Dugg”?

Companies are just now coming around to realizing that tracking these new forms of media are something their customers want to do and are starting to roll out solutions for it. However since they are getting a little late in the game on this front, there have been a number of smaller applications cropping up to fill in the void.

The most notable of these are:

Now these applications will give you some data, but of course it doesn’t really tie it up into your bigger analytics picture in terms of your site, your campaigns, etc. and how these social media sites all fit into the mix. Now one of the leading web analytics tools on the market, Omniture, is developing an API to help – right now focused on Twitter, but who knows what other social media APIs they might come out with in the future?

This is really exciting for analysts like me who are often asked to provide this kind of data along side other metrics and can be a great use to be able to put this data into context with other metrics tracking going on, and may even allow some cross correlation of data (after people saw a “Tweet” of their company, were there any spikes in traffic on the corporate site?).

Stay tuned, web analytics may start to get even more interesting from here on out!

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