Upcoming Web Analytics and Online Marketing Events

Upcoming in the next quarter are a number of excellent professional events that anyone in Online Marketing would benefit from attending. I am listing the ones I recommend here as a service to anyone who regularly follows my blog:

  • February 17 – 20: Omniture Summit (Salt Lake City, Utah)
    Annual users conference – if you have or use any of Omniture’s products this is the event for you. I’ve personally attended this event and always came away with many great ideas from talking to all the other users, vendors, etc. that attend this conference, and of course from the wide variety of keynotes and sessions as well.
  • March 29 – April 1: eMetrics Marketing Optimization Summit (Toronto, Canada)
    This conference is not vendor specific like Omniture’s, and open to anyone with a passion for online marketing, web analytics, SEO, SEM, etc. I have not yet had a chance to attend this conference personally but I hear a lot of great buzz about it.

As more events become available I’ll continue to post about them on my blog.

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