Web Analytics Certification

While Web Analytics has been practiced in whole or part since the World Wide Web first came into existence, the field itself is still relatively young compared to the fields of Web Design and Web Development. There are very few, if any options for coursework or certification available but this is starting to change.

Web Analytics Association (WAA) Certification

The WAA is planning on launching a web analytics certification exam sometime in 2009 – 2010 timeframe. This will undoubtedly be a high-level exam focused on the practice of web analytics in general and not test users on specific tools. Most web analytics tools fundamentally measure the same data and give a lot of the same basic reports. Their differences lie mostly in their advanced capabilities.

Omniture Certified Professional

Omniture offers a variety of certification exams focused specifically on their suite of analytics tools. These are great exams to take after completing their Omniture University courses, although taking the coursework is not required for taking the exams. These exams are open for anyone to take (for a fee) and does not require you to be an Omniture customer or partner.

WebTrends Certified Professional and Certified Engineer

WebTrends offers an extensive certification and training program with a variety of certification options.

ClickTracks Analytics Certification

ClickTracks offers coursework and certification for their suite of products. This appears to be open to the public but it also appears to require you take the coursework in order to be able to take the exam.

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