Choosing an Analytics Vendor

There are a variety of Web Analytics vendors to choose from – which one is right for your needs?

Here is a listing of the top enterprise-class vendors:

All three offer Web Analytics solutions, on top of a variety of other services and solutions for Web Marketing and Search Marketing. The main consideration when evaluation Web Analytics vendors is to make sure they meet your analytics needs. In order to properly evaluate any vendor you first need to have an idea of what your analytics needs are. What questions do you want your data to answer?

Pose those questions to each vendor as you are evaluating them and the way they respond can help you make the choice between their offerings. In addition always ask for a trial or “proof of concept” so that your analytics team can get a feel for the tools – the interface, reporting, data correlation, and additional features of each tool should be evaluated.

Finally of course there is the consideration of price. I personally do not know how much each vendor charges however the three I’ve mentioned are all enterprise-class, so bottom-line they are probably not cheap. So if you are a small organization and can’t budget a hefty sum for such an analytics solution, there is still one other option – Google Analytics. Its not quite to the level of the top three, but with recent upgrades it is improving on the kinds of reporting you can do with it. The best part? It’s free.

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